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I get into some of the details about the new, exciting messaging app that pays it’s users and allows for amazing options such as end-to-end encryption and opt-in / opt-out marketing. If you opt-in to receiving advertising messages, not only will they be tailored to your interests but they would also give you a small payment for simply seeing the ad.

Check out the Coin Proz Crypto Talk Hour Episode for more info on Gems and I also explain Counterparty as well.

You liberty folks need to start learning about the new economy that is online, free of national boundaries and based on scare and non-forgeable asset tokens.

GEMS is Going to Break Open a Whole New Crypto World!

by RJ Parker on October 2nd, 2014

We got double-dosed with a back-to-back punch of Freedom Feens guests. I never in my wildest dream ever expected the liberty community to be so welcoming. I’ve truly found my family in life. The very same people who opened the doors to liberty graciously sat down on my porch of liberty and swatted the flies coming off our own bull crap.

Just like with Neema last week, Michael and I had a nice back and forth that really felt pretty natural and “stream of consciousness.” I’m glad I didn’t feel nervous because I’m more focused on making sure the content is good for the audience rather than being perfect to my own preferences.

Today’s episode gets into “The Magic of Podcasting” and how podcasting can replace radio perhaps. We talk about punk rock and rock and roll. We talk Feen shop with regards to the new change in format and we discuss whether there is any merit to the idea of United States versus just big nation-states. Michael tells us about his philosophy of doing art for the sake of wanting your art to be seen and understood rather than for the want of riches or fame.

Check out http://FeenPhone.com to learn about Michael W. Dean’s latest software development project with partner Derrick Slopey (sp?). FeenPhone will change the way we podcast. Allowing for seamless talking over one-another with a much more intuitive interface than Skype and it’s brethren, FeenPhone is a project we might all take a close look at and put support toward.

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Michael W. Dean of Freedom Feens on Roads To Liberty 8/1/14

by RJ Parker on August 8th, 2014

Neema Vedadi and Michael W. Dean can take almost full credit for my making it to liberty. They definitely didn’t do all of the heavy-lifting but they were to ones to give me that needed second push. The first push, obviously, came from Dr. Ron Paul. So, suffice to say, it was a great honor to finally have the roles completely reversed– it was actually a bit weird at first to get used to. I’ve never even spoken to Neema outside of Facebook Messenger prior to our interview but I felt like I knew the man, or at least knew how to interact with him from having listened to him on at least 3 podcasts a week for over 8 months, maybe more. So, with no further ado, go watch the interview. We talk about the War on Drugs, Fathering, Peaceful Parenting, Homeschooling and more. I had a great time chatting with Neema too, hopefully I can get him back on the show again sometime!

Interview with Neema Vedadi,ex co-host of Freedom Feens!

by RJ Parker on August 1st, 2014

We had an amazing conversation with Brent Elias, aka BloodedTheBrave about why he became a musician and what ideas motivate him. We discuss Voluntarism, the Fed and where the world is heading.

Roads To Liberty – The Art of Rebellion w/ Guest BloodedTheBrave

by RJ Parker on June 15th, 2014

We’re very pleased to announce that the Roads To Liberty Podcast has been resurrected this time as a Vlogcast.

Let me break that down for you. “Vlogcast” comes from the root words ‘vlog’ and ‘cast.’ “Vlog” being shorthand for ‘video blog’ and “cast” being shorthand for “broadcast.” So, what I’m trying to tell you is that I’ll be hosting the Roads To Liberty Vlogcast, which is a “video blog broadcast,” on the brand-new Voluntary Virtues Network, created by Michael Shanklin.

Anyway, we’re going to be up to our usual antics of talking about the path one takes from statist to full on voluntarist but we’ll be adding some other interesting elements into the mix as well. We’ll be having guests, doing roundtable discussions and also at times, we will be presenting pre-recorded casts or interviews at the time of our live show as well. It may take a few weeks worth of episodes before this boat is fully polished but the hope is to eventually have this neatly packaged in a feed and to be set up with iTunes and Stitcher and the like, so we shall see.

I actually appeared on the JRevRadio.com network earlier this morning for a roundtable discussion about ‘Force vs. Aggression” and various other related topics. It was a hearty discussion and certainly was cut off by our time wall at 1am. It will be nice to have the ability to grow closer to a liberty / voluntarist community by putting this content out on the Voluntary Virtues Network. This is truly a great opportunity for the Roads To Liberty brand to evolve and to actually start to accumulate a real community– one which can engage in conversation and the free exploration of ideas.

Check out JRevRadio right here: JRevRadio.com

Once the audio file from today’s discussion is uploaded we’ll share the link here as well.

Roads to Liberty has a new home!

by RJ Parker on May 29th, 2014

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